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Can i do furusato nozei as many times as i want?

The short answer is YES - but the maximum amount you can deduct from your taxes depends on your income.

Please check the below table: the maximum amount you can deduct depends on your salary and your family structure. For example if you are single and you earn 7 millions yen per year, you'll be able to do Furusato Nozei for up to 118,000 yen. From your taxes, 116,000 will be deducted so your real cost is only 2,000 yen.

So for example with 118,000 yen, you can do 11 donations of 10,000 yens to 11 different cities.. or make a single 100,000 yen donation etc.. The non-deductible 2,000 yen is for the whole year, not per donation, so you can do donations to as many cities as you wish and you can do it several times with the same city!

If you give to up to 5 different places maximum though, there is no paperwork at all to do (no tax declaration - "kakutei shinkoku" - to do in March!).